The RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM of the KESHE FOUNDATION SPACESHIP INSTITUTE embodies the essence of the Technology in totality. SPACE EXPLORATION is the core of all of its research and developments. Space Travel without burning any fuel but using Magnetical and Gravitational (Magrav) Fields manipulation through specifically designed Plasma Reactors is the goal of the team. The control and manipulation of Magrav Fields creates conditions and environments in a certain range that can address all the needs of man to travel in space such us a safe, livable and sustainable environment similar to earth conditions while traveling in space in speeds more than the speed of light.

The Team explores the technology and experiments on the following developments.

  • The creation of energy in a fusion reactor condition.
  • Clean energy systems without waste or exhaust emissions.
  • Plasma Food energy systems which feeds man in space.
  • Use of the Magrav Positioning system of the reactor to experience friction-free atmospheric travel.
  • The realization of speeds of travel in atmospheric conditions several times faster than the speed of light.
  • Space travel in possession of Magrav system which overcomes space weightlessness by creating a safe and livable earth environment in the spacecraft.
  • Eradication of all human diseases such as cancer and others through non-intrusive treatment without any radiation or medication, by just resetting the energy levels of the defected cells.
  • The realization of ability to manage to create fusion for production of matter and new elements in a simple and practical way.
  • The realization of being able to travel into the deepest part of any ocean on earth or any liquid planet, without concern for the pressure of liquid or their corrosiveness.
  • The development of Shielding and Defense Systems for Cosmic Space Events and Phenomenon.
  • The development of Zero-Time Communication System.
  • The creation of simple and practical plasma products that are useful in today’s world.

The Team is composed of world class scientists and engineers collaborating around the world that are learning the Plasma Magrav Technology under the Teaching of the KF Spaceship Institute in Italy and working closely with the founder of the Keshe Foundation, Mehran T. Keshe.

Founded by Iranian Nuclear Engineer M.T. Keshe, Is a nonprofit and non religious organization under the umbrella of KESHE FOUNDATION (KF) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GROUP.  KFPIDI main thrust is to support KF through the following:
a. Development and application of new scientific plasma technologies that will support the Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Group

Humanity needs to awaken its huge potential by tapping the wide and vast opportunity that PLASMA MAGRAV technology offers. Using Plasma principles, KFPIDI continues to explore various applications that will help advance humanity as well as its trust towards attaining true and lasting peace. Innovations that address Environmental Pollution, Energy Shortage, Water, Health and Food problem takes the front seat.

b. Conduct validation and testing of submitted Plasma Innovations.

The growing community of Plasma Innovators around the world has increased opportunity to collaborate and share PLASMA knowledge. Innovators can now submit their Innovations to KFPIDI for further development through testing and validation. All successful designs (blueprint) will be shared for everyone to copy, use and further enhance hereby advancing humanity in unprecedented speed.



For us to be satisfied and to be able to live in deep space we have to come to more understanding what the conditions are. Here on earth we are used to limited changes and the parameters of the changes are within what we have. What this means is that we have come to understand to work with slight temperature and pressure changes. If the pressures and temperatures are slightly different from what we are used to we find out that we cannot cope and we go through conversion of energy that our bodies are not able to accommodate. It is not planned for or set out for our bodies to do this.

The interaction of the physicality with the soul of the man will create a dimension and openness that will see the universe. Man does not need to travel the depth of the universe as he is part of it; he is within it. And this is very hard for the man to understand it.

By the time we take into deep space we have to understand the control of the emotions and we have to understand detachment from the physicality of the body of the man as it is on this planet. We have to learn the peaceful application of our own emotion and the interaction of our emotion with our souls and other souls. We are moving away from physicality where physicality is just the manifestation of the confirmation of existence of something in the environment of the others. Deep space is so beautiful and it is for man to discover it.

Now imagine you travel in deep space and at the speed you travel the light that travels by you is beyond the comprehension. So the survival teaches you to close the eyes. But how much can you close the eyes? And when you close the eyes how are you going to trust the environment you are travelling into? The fear of the unknown becomes the fear and the noose around the neck of the man for his survival. That is why you have to understand that we have started teaching in understanding without the vision. This way we won’t see a horizon line of 17 kilometers or 17 miles but you will see into the depth of the universe. The brain of the man has been developed in a way to work with this. The man in the fear of his own understanding has never opened the gates of the brain.

The evolution of the brain of the man will be horrendous. We will see the shrinkage in the physical part but we will see expansion in the emotion and the soul of the man. In a way the brain of the man will become like a jacket turned inside out. Because we need more of the emotion and the strength of the soul to be able to see the higher speed and higher strength fields in deep space so that we don’t see 17 kilometers but we see 17 light years ahead of us.

When you go into deep space and try to look at the lights there is so much that you don’t see. On the other hand you can extend and see beyond the boundaries of the spaceship you created, the vision of the man will come through his soul. In a way if you look at this you shall become the center of the universe as you shall see the boundary of the field strength of your own soul.

Passing so many lights so fast becomes incomprehensible to the brain of the man. The only thing he can do is to increase the dimension into the higher speed of the order matters that can read and decipher the information that comes to it. The brain of the man burns out with a little bit of stress and we call it a stroke. Imagine how you are going to handle this unless you bring the strength of the level of the emotional part of the man to be more or less the totality of the boundary with a very small bound for its physicality. This is the secret and this is the key.