This method of travel using plasmatic Magravs protection for motion for the future space systems is to be called the Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation And Nutrition (MOJHAN) system.

The passengers of this Man Originated Zone Habitation And Nutrition to be known as “MOZHAN”.

These new names unify the human race by the use of the name of the technology and the method of its travel, through the Men’s collective effort to reach this point of scientific achievement over thousands of years, through their progressive evolution in science and technology. This takes away the national dependent names, like Cosmo- or Astro- and the rest from the unique and individual nations, for the collective effort and contribution by all of the inhabitants of the planet in different measures over the times to reach this point in Mans scientific evolution.

The present matter propulsion systems in burning fuels have to fight and to overcome Magravs of the planet for lift and motion. This we see in the rocket propulsion space technology of today. 

In the matter systems, like the propulsions systems, power stations and cars use the fundamental principles of burning matter to release its energy and convert this energy from one form to another to create motion and energy. This technology has always delivered limited energy, and due to its bulkiness of mass and weight of the fuel that have to be carried by systems to achieve their objectives, these systems are payload dependent. 

The matter system uses the Matter part of plasma, the weakest and least energetic part of the plasma. By their nature as has been seen in the past, matter systems create different type of waste, like CO2, nuclear waste, and so on.


The Matters Magravs system uses the properties of the all Matters in the plasma to create motion, lift and energy without destroying the characteristic of the Matters, and the system works within and through the Magnetic field and gravitational field of its environment to attain position and motion, one can achieve more working within than fighting against the Magravs of the planet. 

These reactor systems are developed to function in the same way as the interaction of the initial fundamental particles leads to the creation of Magravs for the motion of Matters through the Magravs positioning principle in the universe. 

In the Universal systems like stars, their Magravs forces are fixed by their initial matters’ contents in their inner cores at the point of the inception of the star, and the magnetic fields strength they generate for the production of their Magravs strength, once the strength of the Magravs is set for the stars, these cannot be changed arbitrarily to achieve different Magravs strengths for the stars.