Conventional science teaches us that what we can't measure does not exist. This led to a separation between science and spirituality.

Magnetical-gravitational (Magravs) plasma technology combines science and spirituality since everything is made of Magravs plasma. We can't measure thoughts or emotions, but they exist as Magravs plasma. Magravs plasma IS conscious – one could also say that it is Consciousness.


From the smallest particles to the largest structures of a planet, including the planet itself, everything is made of Magravs plasma. Furthermore, contrary to the teachings of traditional science, space is not empty. Rather, space is also full of Magravs plasma. In other words, Magravs plasma is ambient, universally.

Magravs plasma takes the form of a fluctuating torus, with Magravs fields entering the torus at its south pole and exiting at its north pole. The fields are weaker (lower velocity) at the extremities and stronger (higher velocity) at the centre of the torus. Due to this differential, Magravs plasma fields are constantly attracting and repelling one another.

It is for this very reason that exo-planets in our solar system, such as Neptune, move significantly slower in their orbit around our Sun as compared to endo-planets like Mercury.



Every single Magravs plasma is also  unique in its combination of magnetical (Dark Energy) and gravitational forces (Dark Matter), where repelling fields behave like two magnets with the same pole and attracting fields with two opposite poles.

Dark Matter, the gravitational part of Magravs plasma is the cause of entropy. Dark Energy, the magnetical part of Magravs plasma is the cause of order and life. Because ALL Magravs plasma contain magnetical fields, all of creation is living and conscious. Matter is simply Magravs plasma with a weaker magnetical field strength and stronger gravitational force.



Likewise, it is through this mechanism of attraction and repulsion that space travel is made possible. Positioning a spaceship in space occurs by by amplifying the magnetical (repelling, giving) force or the gravitational (attracting, taking) force in relation to the destination's Magravs fingerprint.

To move to a destination, the spaceship merely has to tune Herself to that location's gravitational signature, and space travel can occur at superluminal, and even hyperluminal speeds. The speed of light is but a limitation of current knowledge.




In order to slow down during descent into a planet, the spaceship tunes Herself reciprocally to the planet's magnetical signature. Rockets and fuel are history.

Magravs plasma is useful not only for positioning a spaceship in space, but also in many other ways.

Spaceships are non-physical, they are living beings
Spaceship technology has to be the totality and not a finger of our movement. Spaceship technology is to understand the essence of the creation of the soul of the man not the physicality of the man. This is the secret and those who understand this will travel the spans of the universe without ever moving their own physical body. And this is what has been hidden from the man and his knowledge. The spaceship of the man is the soul of the man. Those who get into spaceships are those who have not developed to the next step. It is the interim and how long this interim will take depends on the maturity of the soul of the man.

Those who take the steps to understanding more will come to be the spaceship makers. Because they have increased the level of the soul in the true level and not by stealing and absorbing from the others but by increasing the availability of the fields which are available in the soup of the universe. Then you should be able to see and communicate with the other souls at that strength plus your own. It’s like the language and you will see this.

Try to bring all the knowledge we have taught over the past years and then you will understand the totality has come to a final point. If you understand the operation of your own soul, you will understand how to interact with the soul of the craft if you are still physically attempting to fly. You don’t need the remote control and you don’t need the control. The physical control is too slow, far too slow. Try to understand that the soul of the man in the small part of his operation is the image of his physicality. But it has other dimensions beyond it that are much different, much stronger or much weaker, which has the interaction of the physicality with the other levels of the souls and the freedom of the travel in space.
Traveling in space
Once you leave the environment of the creation of the zone you've done, you have to live the condition of the atmospheric of this Planet. It's not that you are any different. You are traveling between two Spaces. It's you, to condition and understand. If you create the condition of the field-strength of a given environment and you stay in it, you'll behave that way. You experience new dimension of life, according to what you allow your filter, what your brain allows to manifest in physicality. You will have many schools. Nowadays you go, you learn to learn driving, and you go driving school. You go walking school, computer school, very soon all these shops will change. Planet Zeus condition, Planet Jeeps condition, Planet so and so condition. I want to go for holiday to Planet Zeus for three weeks. So, you go practicing on how to be in Planet Zeus or Jeeps condition, until you learn that you don't need to go to these schools. Now you learn how to transform. You don't have the fear of “what's going happen to me when I get there” because you convert. You evolve into it. Because this is the way the life works.

In the coming time when the man understands go back to the position of the Magnets. It is you who changes the emotion and the physical appearance of the matter state of the energy that you can move yourself across the universe without doing anything. You just change the rate of the giving and the taking and then it changes position to where you want and where you fit.
With the new formula that we set up we dictate the position of arrival at A or B and then we understand that this formula is applicable and dictates the speed of the travel. You have to understand that as a scientific work we have a beautiful control system where the destination being a planet, star or galaxy that creates a massive plasma condition that supports life that we want to go to, has to have the characteristics which this (the spaceship) always stays the same and the point of destination can be a planet, star, or rendezvous somewhere in space. With this understanding of the speed of plasma and understanding why we need it the scientists can now develop the next phase of understanding of the spaceship program.

In the craft you can continuously A or B but your destination is more or less fixed. At the same time you don’t want to lose your protection and you want to create a condition of approach where you come as fast as possible, but when you approach in space there are no brakes. You will not put anything on ‘reverse thrusts.’ All you need to do is to reverse the measured strength of the magnetical field of the planet and you create gravitational field according to the strength of your own reactor. So, you come to a halt at the ‘speed of light.’

So you have to look at the destination point of travel where the pilot has dictated his point of reference. The man in the future when he takes these positions will understand the connection with the incapacity of our present electronic and electrical systems to control such a flight. Then you understand that such changes are only applicable in the evolution of the man who can change the color of his skin for protection. The pilot through the emotion and understanding controls everything and he has already pre-planned a possible planet, star or galaxy that gives him an escape route.

You have already hooked yourself into your ‘certain position’ and your system continuously operates in respect to it. It’s like a spider that has a little bit (of web) on the ceiling and hangs from it. If there is danger, the spider goes up to the ceiling because the string (web) is already made. This is what you will develop and what is already made.
The space travel in the coming time will become a game for those who understand the work of the universe and not in the matter state--those who understand the interactions and not the final line of approach.

How far into space can we go? It’s very much like the divers. They know they can go and they go deeper and test deeper.
When you come to Space, you'll come across something very interesting. In many races, the gender does not exist, and you cannot tell the difference except when they have decided to be. So, the shame of the Man to show his reproduction organ and the breast does not exist, because you decide, internally, what you want to be. So, we look all the same. There is nothing to hide..... Because what you carry is what you show and is the nakedness of the Soul of the Man. And this is what a lot of you are going have a problem with. We don't preach. We teach. We enlighten that you can start exercising.
The Man of Space sees the light of the Soul of the Man, not the physicality of the Man because the physicality, at the end, is subjected to the environment. And, it will be the same with the Man. You become an expert in seeing things. Where you see there is no animosity, where you see there is no need to fight because it's there. You want this? It's yours. You want part of my Soul because you want to taste how I taste? Have it. Because, I create the field for you to feel how I feel. I give it to you freely. The strange thing is, our Soul has been doing this from the time of inception of the Soul, but has never made it open to the Mans in the manifestation of physicality of this Earth because the atmospheric condition position of this Planet, in this Galaxy in this Solar System in this Planet, dictates, for it to be this way.

Our soul is in contact and communication with them but in the physicality we are behind the veil of our own ignorance because we would like to be in the world of physicality. Now that we have become passengers of the universe, we have to accept the totality of all 3 dimensions of it (link) because without the one the other cannot exist. Without the principle transition which is the emotion and the physicality, which is the matter state of the manifestation at that point shall not exist.